Yoast Seo Tutorial 2019 - How To Setup Yoast SEO Plugin - Wordpress SEO By Yoast


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  1. Dynamo Foe
    Dynamo Foe says:

    Hi Darrel, thanks for this – really helped! However, my site is not active yet so (I guess?) that is why my site can’t be verified by Google OR Bing?

  2. DJ AM
    DJ AM says:

    Good informative stuff. On 31.30 you go ahead and start messing with the slugs. Doesn't that have an affect on the permalink structure of the website? Would it not be right to say that after having changed the slugs for SEO purposes, one needs to deal and fix all the 301 302 307 308 404 451 410 etc redirects manually if using the free plugin?

  3. Stefan Mrvic
    Stefan Mrvic says:

    They have disabled google api, so we can no longer use Yoast search console api, and also the sitemap is not working. What should I do now Darrel? I really need to SEO optimize my wordpress site asap. Thanks in advance.

  4. Sandra marrocco
    Sandra marrocco says:

    Hello ! Thanks for this video. I use Elementor too but i'm not able to see the content of my pages and change it like you do. I see a blank part with the button "edit with elementor" How can I see my content ? Thanks a lot !

  5. Urdu PLV
    Urdu PLV says:

    Thank you Darrel. Your helped a lot. I spent a whole day with your video and did the job step by step. Almost everything was defined so clearly. You did it. So nice to meet you and will try best to keep watching you. In sha Allah. Thank you again.

  6. dmoneynovillest
    dmoneynovillest says:

    i went to use yoast with elementor but the eye feature wouldnt work. i put text into wordpress site, i make changes, then put the text back into elementor site, and the yoast scores are totally different. has me questioning yoast credibility. same text, different scores

  7. Λάμπρος Σιούτας
    Λάμπρος Σιούτας says:

    Hi Darrel thank you very much because you give us great and helpful content! In this video i followed exatly your steps and i activated the yoast seo plugin. The only proble mi have and i cant finish the process is that I cant find the sitemap for my website, i connected the yoast seo with google search console, i veryfied everything but when i go to search engine in google and i write domain.com/sitemap.xml it brings me in the home page of the website . Could you help me plz? Thanks!

  8. Vivian M
    Vivian M says:

    When submitting sitemap to Google, an error pops up. Says "Sitemap index can be read, but has errors – General HTTP error." What does this mean??


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