5 Powerful SEO Keyword Research Tips to Rank on Google in 2018


It’s not 2010 anymore. Keyword research and SEO isn’t as easy as it used to be. So what should you do? ▻▻Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO …


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  1. Aritra Das
    Aritra Das says:

    Sir how to understand weather the keyword is correct for a new website or not ?
    (basically which points to be considered before choosing it to be our prime focus keyword please explain this)

  2. najverjetnejsa
    najverjetnejsa says:

    Off topic but still relevant: a genius move there Neil by starting to add subtitles on all your videos. I don't know how many times I've wanted to watch videos on silent but no subs? Cool, very cool. Thanks for sharing all the info.

  3. Aasim Bashir
    Aasim Bashir says:

    Neil Patel Sir, Can you please explain or make a video about the strategy for ranking a website on the top, or how to set a target, what things we need to keep into consideration in order to rank a particular website. Can you please explain this.
    Aasim Bashir.

  4. ProDev
    ProDev says:

    Hello Sir,
    Should I use the exact keyword that I have found from keyword planner, I mean a keyword "Custom Box" has enough volume but the if want Include "es" or "Custom Boxes" works the same way or apply the same volume. Can I use Boxes or the Box will work?
    Waiting For The Reply. Thanks

  5. Aakriti Khanna
    Aakriti Khanna says:

    Hi Neil I have been following your blog for quite some time but I am still struggling with keywords strategy for SEO as well as SEM. Is there any way to precisely figure out what kind of keywords to target?

  6. iamsij
    iamsij says:

    Since you spoke about Shopify. Would you mind answering the elephant in the room .. is building a Shopify store really profitable anymore ?

  7. Swati Ohri
    Swati Ohri says:

    Hi Neil, I am from India and in Sweden currently for the next few years, I just started blogging 6 months back but I don't see any significant traffic coming in. I would like to know if location plays a role in Blogging as here in Sweden, people's primary language is Swedish and I am not sure how I should go about keyword research, what should be the location I should target for keyword research? My blog is mostly on inspirational niche where I write about inspirational quotes, motivation related things.

  8. Fabiano Pina
    Fabiano Pina says:

    Neil, I am also a soccer coach, I work with kids and teenagers. I have the hardest time targeting an audience on Facebook that is local.
    Could you suggest anything to help me?
    Soccer, youth soccer in (town) .
    Thank you in advance

  9. Genius Ocean
    Genius Ocean says:

    Hello Sir, I am your one of the biggest fan. I have learned many things from you. I have developed an eCommerce system using PHP. It is very easy to manage and doesn't need any programming knowledge to manage the store. We also do free installation and provide six month technical support. It has all the features anyone can imagine. But I am unable to sell good amount of my product. What should I need to do? Thanks!

  10. Sume Sone
    Sume Sone says:

    Hi Neil, thanks for this awesome video.
    What if am starting a new website in a health niche,, is it concurrent enough?
    To be precise, will I need to use one keyword throughout the site or different for different blog post?

  11. Adil Sha
    Adil Sha says:

    Hi Neil, Suppose I find a KW "birthday decorations" which has more volume and trending and if I add some words to it like "book best balloon decoration artist" and search the same in kw planner the volume will be less or none. So I would like to know exactly how these keywords rank after adding extra words to it as mentioned above.

  12. The Excitable Man
    The Excitable Man says:

    Great video Neil, very informative. I just launched my site which has a unique and catchy domain name but isn't niche. Will this be a problem or more of a challenge for growth. I do plan on having in-depth content on various topics. I am planning on having niches within the site itself. Thanks man!

  13. Adam Green
    Adam Green says:

    Great help Neil! Im looking to get into the energy market in comparing rates for customers so they can get the best deals on there tariffs, could you give me some advice on what the best keywords maybe? Thanks pal!

  14. Amir Afianian
    Amir Afianian says:

    Superb as always. A quick question though
    It's now obvious that Google loves in-depth and thorough content. Yet it is slightly counter-intiuitive when it comes to the suser preference.
    Users often run away when they see lengthy content.

  15. sumit thakur
    sumit thakur says:

    I have a question : I am able to see my website links in search console getting traffic and impression on google . But I am not able to identify from which keyword they are getting traffic from

    Can you help me how I can know from where my websites pages are getting traffic from

  16. James McCoy
    James McCoy says:

    Can someone give any tips. I want to get traffic for a web design business I'm starting. I can blog if that will help me. I'm currently paying an SEO Agency so hopefully that will help me. What should I start doing as a new business selling web design

  17. Fun Tank
    Fun Tank says:

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks so much for the video. Now I'm using Uber suggest for keywords.

    I wanted to know that what should be the standard size and format of image, which one has to upload on his blogging site so that it's doesn't effect page loading time.

    Thanks again!
    Waiting for your reply.

  18. Nuno Vasques Cambra
    Nuno Vasques Cambra says:

    Hey Neil!

    If I realize I made a mistake on my keyword research, like using singular instead of plural, and if my article is fairly recent and still not getting much traffic, should I delete it, create a new one and just do a redirect?

    As always, thank you for being cool!

  19. usama ali
    usama ali says:

    i have a little confusion coz I,m Newbie to SEO …… My Question is that long tail keyword we use 100 or 1000s in our one article or multiple Articles. And Another question is that, when we use 100s of long tail keyword of 3 to 4 words length for an article and copy and pasting make another article like previous one but with different keyword but little bit matched with previous …… does google consider this content

  20. Eng STEIN
    Eng STEIN says:

    Hi, I am struggling to rank high in google search. I think photography niche has very high competition. I can't afford ahrefs. Any suggestions about free keyword searching?

  21. Mukul Sharma
    Mukul Sharma says:

    Sir i run a weapon's blog and recently i tried to write about US Marines but the major problem that i faced is that i am not able to find niche topics for this so what can i do?

  22. David Esposito
    David Esposito says:

    Neil, I am in Real Estate and have started my website with close to no traffic, what are some initial steps i can take just to get the ball rolling and hopefully produce a little traffic. Thanks

  23. Clifford Pigott
    Clifford Pigott says:

    HI Neil 🙂 You keep saying you want to help people so here's my problem. I'm a magician, slight of hand and illusions and I'm a little unsure how to find my target market and keywords to help my website convert. If I approach in a local sense I could say "best party magician corona Ca. But how to maybe blog and reach someone is a little hard to figure out. Just want a good strategy to stand out and be found. I am a big fan and I am following you on all platforms and would be happy to help you anyway I can. Thanks Cliff

  24. Taren Terrill
    Taren Terrill says:

    I'm trying to rank in the network marketing space by providing blog content and YouTube videos on specific topics. I'm having a hard time figuring out if I should go after specific ranks within different network marketing companies EX: how to hit green elite status in younique (green elite being a rank in the company and younique being the network marketing company) or if I should put out content such as how to get network marketing prospects coming to you.

    I'm confused if I should just focus on creating relevant content that helps network marketers with problems they usually have building their business and have the word network marketing within the content or be specific with company names or ranks?

    I'm a network marketing coach and want to dominate the network marketing terms but the problem is people search for a lot of different things such as should I use a personal or business page, how to overcome objections, etc.

    How can I figure out what they are searching for that will also rank in google when there are a variety of topics such as business vs personal fb page and how to overcome objections totally different topics?

    Would you please advise so I can create a content strategy?

  25. Leesha Lu
    Leesha Lu says:

    This is why I vouch for you sooooo much Neil. You KNOW your s%&#. I receive a new podcast or blog post from you EVERY DAY when I get home from work at 10pm, and I live in CHINA. It is always so tailored to what I've been working on that day. You SMASH this game. So my question, I am finally starting my YouTube channel after 4 years of sourcing hair from factories in China and around Asia as a whole. I have received tons of questions from clients over the years, more so in the last few months. Shall I just create a video around each question THEY have asked? Or do a more thorough keyword research to include what they want to know but ensure I rank high as well????? Thank yooooou once again Neil Patel x


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