Drive Traffic To Your Website – Wix SEO Tips – Wix Website Tutorial 2018

Drive Traffic To Your Website - Wix SEO Tips - Wix Website Tutorial 2018


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  1. tekkwit
    tekkwit says:

    hey there could i please email you a link to my website to review/check it out. i worked a lot on it but i have no traffic at all in the first 4 days. is this normal?

  2. John Mal
    John Mal says:

    Wow I just went thru the entire google search again and my company is not even listed. I own a cleaning company and google actually lists the VFW, furniture companies, insurance companies under a simple search for house cleaning in my area. I can't believe I actually paid for this Sorry wix your seo @@%! Optimized for a year and half and furniture companies appear. I am dumbfounded!

  3. Steve Lawrence
    Steve Lawrence says:

    Just a newbie- Thank You- explained a lot- a new language for me- have reviewed several times and will do again.. explaining what those intriguing dots etc actually do…

  4. ZephrusPrime
    ZephrusPrime says:

    On my SEO wiz it says that my Homepage is not optimized (#3), needing business or site name to get the green check. I have site name several times on the home page. What am I not doing right to get this checked off?

  5. John Braud
    John Braud says:

    How much would it cost to have my sites seo be given the royal treament . Its a basic site and ive done it all myself , its seo isnt that bad but im no wizard at it . Just wondering.

  6. cordezio06
    cordezio06 says:

    there are no more handles to resize an image in height and width on my editor. A few days ago it was possible to do my layout. I am a photographer and I need to present my photos to the exact size I want. If this is no longer possible wix editor is no longer interesting for photographers and for others. Thank you for informing me.

  7. Free-LooK
    Free-LooK says:

    Thanks dude 🙂
    All the old WIX x SHOPIFY are scare for me cause I just got the Wix ecommerce and they flame the Wix so hard, saying it's shitty compared to Shopify.
    But all the new videos have shown Wix has improved a lot.

  8. prasanna adhikari
    prasanna adhikari says:

    hay sir can we sell our website made with wix please can you show us a complete process for selling a new website to others through best selling platform with out costing us a cent


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