Pakistani website hacker is on the top World ranking hacker: Pakistanis feel proudly



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  1. Suchi Muchi
    Suchi Muchi says:

    hahahhahaha indian ki pant geeli ho gai ab tk indian police ki governemnt vechile ki GPS location sb track ki and hack ki aur phr air traffic J&K ko bhi hack kia gaya hahahahhahah aur indian saaly lagy hy kutton ki trah bhoonkny m

  2. J Sangeet Sagar
    J Sangeet Sagar says:

    Ek purani Pakistani kahavat hai, "Chor, chor hi hota hai, bhale vo hira churaye ya khira." Jise ye log bhool gaye. CHORI KARANA HARAAM HAI they say. We are an Islamic republic they say as well. Bloody hypocrites, this is why the whole world spits on you, and India SHITS on you. You 'heathen' lot, you only claim to be Muslims, where as the story is completely different.


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