SEO Training: 3 Steps to Generating 100K Visitors Per Month in Organic Traffic [REAL LIFE EXAMPLE]


On this week’s Q&A Thursday, I’m breaking down the 3 simple steps to getting organic SEO traffic up to 100K visitors per month. ▻▻Subscribe here to learn …


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  1. Michael B
    Michael B says:

    Awesome advice Neil. Thank you.

    Question. Started a new blog on niche yoga guitar apparel. Using WordPress and Thrive.

    1. Any suggestions on how best integrate apparel products to each blog post?

    2. Any suggestions on connecting with most appropriate affiliates to promote their products?

    Thanks Neil.

  2. Best Taco Salad
    Best Taco Salad says:

    "…in India or places where they're smart"? which places aren't smart and does it really take smarts to send emails? I'd suspect English proficiency would be the most important factor.

  3. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  4. Mohsin Sheikh
    Mohsin Sheikh says:

    Hey hii neil i have been your subscriber for over a year now i started my blog getting inspired from you.
    My problem is i dnt know how to integrate keywords in my wordpress blogging website. I ll really appreciate if you could me from your busy schedule.

  5. Sidra Hussain
    Sidra Hussain says:

    voowww amazinng sharing Neil…You are so generous to share all you know !!!.God Bless you.i have just started building up my website.I need your suggesstion to pickup the right content management tool for my website?Please suggest

  6. Lincoln de Oliveira
    Lincoln de Oliveira says:

    Simply amazing to watch myself hit Subscribe after a couple of days watching your videos, totally out of my consciousness. Then I went like "HOLY MOTHER! I'VE JUST SUBSCRIBED!"
    Power of seven, might be…

  7. Bee P
    Bee P says:

    The sad thing for many US freelancers on Upwork is that too many business owners expect to pay pennies for work that is worth much more. For example, $5 for a 1000 word article is becoming expected. It's insulting.

  8. Hidosy
    Hidosy says:

    Here is a superb informative video. We likewise have a few of our own videos that individuals have inked, and are getting started on wanting to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are searching for new ideas and hope that we can give this type of genuine advice. If you got sometime, have a look at ours and reveal that which you think.

  9. Trenton Erker
    Trenton Erker says:

    #3 is great.
    "And then I hit up them even if they're my competition and be like, "Hey, you have amazing content. I loved it so much; I even linked out to you. Feel free and share my article if you like it. And a lot of your competitors will share your content"

  10. charles dessa
    charles dessa says:

    Hello Neil i have been working on an article based on "the arctic fox" and i have done the keyword research. So my targeted keywords were "Arctic fox fact: habitat, adaptations, baby/ reproduction, diet, predators, arctic fox as pets and their conservation status, are they endangered?" I have written an article around these keywords but how do i make sure if i am getting ranked on my desired keywords?

  11. TCK
    TCK says:

    Loving this stuff Neil. I'm taking my learning into the development of new consultancy products in an entirely different sector, but it's really useful. Many thanks for the time and effort taken.

  12. Digitech Hive
    Digitech Hive says:

    Hy Niel! I am regular follower of your channel. I have learn many things about SEO from you and they always work for me. Can i buy a complete course from you. Because i wanna build full time career in Digital marketing field.


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