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  1. J Abrams
    J Abrams says:

    90 seconds into the video, you told me to subscribe before providing value relating to your channel, you told me about the prices of the courses you are selling before providing value relating to those courses. What would John Galt think?

  2. Gopal Dutt
    Gopal Dutt says:

    In keyword planner , where is the option to select Broad , phrase or exact match type. I am newbie , when I try to do research I didn't find those options there.

  3. Monster Tube Network
    Monster Tube Network says:

    Nice video, but…

    search volume traffic is misleading due to seasonality and Google's keyword algo.
    Long-tail keywords with small search results works.
    Ignore the competition filter. Instead, study the top three websites. (Is it authority, blog post length and usefulness)
    Use the alphabet soup method on Google for long-term tail keywords.
    Also, use Keyword Tools.

  4. Starships&Steel
    Starships&Steel says:

    You can still skip into the main tool screen without creating an ad. There is a small text link with words like "I'm not new to adwords" or similar, and then a similar set-up on the following screen, "I want to continue without creating ads" as a small text link.

  5. Spoidd Michael
    Spoidd Michael says:

    For the ones who couldn't pass through despite incognito mode: I clicked the text "already familiar with google ads?" then another window opens up – there must be another blue link sentence like "create an account without creating an ad" or something! Good luck!

  6. Aaron H
    Aaron H says:

    This video is out of date people, Google no longer shows Volume unless you create an Ad and run it, then you can place it on hold. This is the only way for now.


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