Google's Top Ranking Factors For SEO 2018


Want to know what Google’s top ranking factors are? Well here they are: NATIIONAL / INTERNATIONAL: Backlinks DA IN DEPTH CONTENT google ranking …


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  1. Reinaldo Ramos
    Reinaldo Ramos says:

    You said to put what people are searching for as your title even if it's not what you are trying to rank for, so let's say I am trying to Rank a vegan restaurant with local SEO should I make my title (vegan restaurant "restaurant name") or should I just Market their restaurant name and try and rank for the name?

  2. Ken Castle
    Ken Castle says:

    Does it matter what page of the site these factors are found? Is the home page the best place to load these factors? Also I know there is a widgit on wordpress that will allow for you to place someone elses website over yours, will this affect your ability to rank? I would be doing this to rent out my ranking site


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