How Long Does SEO Take (The REAL Answer) Watch Now


How long does SEO take? I am going to tell you. In this video, we tell you how long SEO takes. John Lincoln …


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  1. Josef Biro
    Josef Biro says:

    It’s different in other countries right? Nail Patel said that ranking in other languages will be so much easier because there isn’t that much of really good content and because of that google want’s to fill in those spots. What do you think about that? Is he right or not?

  2. Hussein Alaskar
    Hussein Alaskar says:

    Hi I just saw your video and I am looking for help and guidance.I have a job search engines that aggregate jobs from other job boards mainly UK and USA.I am doing SEO for about 4 months I see that my position and clicks increased(in my web master tools) since I started SEO but still I get 200 click per month and about 400-500 impression a day and I keep getting impressions from new keywords is that good? (I am worried from people keep telling that you are in competitive area)

  3. Charlie Gladfelter
    Charlie Gladfelter says:

    Great video, in my opinion it depends. And it's a very generic question, I wish it was a tad bit more specific. For getting to the top of the page then yeah it would take a while. But if you are talking about just seeing rankings, from my experience you can see rankings jumping up anywhere from 5-25 in the serps by just using common sense on the settings and then optimizing the target pages for good local or national keywords, it all depends. I came to figure out that On-Page optimization will get you a nice bump in rankings, which is nice to show to clients and it's nice from a boost to get started. And then from there you have a nice base to start your off page seo, or other types of marketing within a matter of a few weeks

  4. Noelle Randall
    Noelle Randall says:

    Great video with great information on SEO. I have watched a ton of videos on how to get my website to be top-ranked in Google and most of them didn't make any sense or was just trying to sell me something. This is awesome info, thanks for sharing

  5. Buki Bassey
    Buki Bassey says:

    My website is new and I've not even been putting up much content but I got an idea from your video – I'll make sure I use lots of relevant niche/local terms. Thank you!


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