How to check website ranking, Traffic and visitor count in hindi | Urdu| Alexa tutorial in hindi


In this video lesson you will learn how to check any website ranking. How to check website is getting how much traffic. On which keywords they are getting traffic …


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  1. Jakob Bourne
    Jakob Bourne says:

    A reliable way to increase your ranking if ever you're stuck would be influencer marketing – when you are able to find suitable influencers for you (via influencer auditor as a search platform) the returns can be very rewarding and will have immediate effect

  2. anand rana
    anand rana says:

    We don't have enough data to rank this website.
    If this is your website, sign up and get certified to get direct measurements of your site's traffic.
    what i do. my site 22 day old

  3. Jogen Rosales 2
    Jogen Rosales 2 says:

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  4. Nodi Kusum
    Nodi Kusum says:

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  5. manjula sri
    manjula sri says:

    good frnd plz ye bataaooo yaar ki kya apni key bajaayeey kissi another i mean ki kissi koi aur websites ka bhi traffic bhi dekhsekatyeey hai kya google anlaytics main us website ka link join jod kar plz tell this frnd ok ji
    ayur plz tell frnd ki kya us website ka traffic bhi kya hum khudsey baddaaayte huey ya badteyyy huey deksh satkateyy hain kya ya baydaasatketeyy hain kya kissi anotherwebsite ka url link jodkar in googel analtytics tell this frnd ok ji
    kya frnd issey google analytics ki tarah kya main apni wwebsite ka i mean ki apney youtube channel ki rnakings ya apni site ki rankings aur usmey google anlatics ki tarah apney visitors aur traffic ko badyataey huey aur increase hotey huey kya main kayesey dekh saykataa hoon frnd plz tell this frnd ok


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