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How to do a PROFESSIONAL SEO audit – full SEO Tutorial / Course – ANY SEO questions? email me!!


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  1. Gaz Underhill
    Gaz Underhill says:

    Awesome work Josh, loving the break downs and explanations. Anyone reading this, i had a Audit from Josh and a Cora report from Ted. Truly amazing work from both guys, am working through all the things i need to change, and there is a lot that was pointed out to me. Worth every single penny. Subscribe to this channel and join the weekly SEO debates, you don't need to follow anyone else on youtube, Honestly!! well maybe Rankya, but he has stopped producing content.

    one thing Josh, could you really not get a better pic of Ted in the group pic at the end? 😉

  2. raja kumari
    raja kumari says:

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  3. raja kumari
    raja kumari says:

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  4. Steven Ung
    Steven Ung says:

    Hi Josh, Google has crawled the WP-Includes folder of my site and has indexed all my php files. Any way of removing this from the index? I have blocked access to these files via HTACCESS so these pages will now serve a 403. Is this a good way of handling this issue?

    Also, I wanted to join your mentorship group but just realised the price has now increased. Any discount for me? 🙂

  5. scott carruthers
    scott carruthers says:

    Hey Josh! I have a question regards to serp works for checking average metrics. Does page word count have an impact on SEO? For example, my website has half the average word count of the front page. it's currently ranking on the 2nd page where my word count is near average for the 2nd page. Am i right assuming i need to make more quality content on my page in order to boost my rankings?

  6. Matze Karajanov
    Matze Karajanov says:

    hi you should check consolety, it's a WordPress plugin that matches your content with other consolety users in the consolety network based on title's, your tags category and language. Meaning you get rellevant backlinks based on your content all done for you by the consolety network. you can find it on wordpress plugins section simply by searching for the name consolety.

  7. Ícaro Melo
    Ícaro Melo says:

    Thanks for this class man… I've whatched 3 times and probably i'll watch again…
    I'm from Brazil and this video has changed my mind.. In this very moment I'm reviweing all my SEO strategies

  8. Johneturbo
    Johneturbo says:

    Josh, I checked my crawl and downloaded KB per day rate, and the low numbers is 0 The site is about 6 weeks old so maybe that's why?

    Also Serprworx how would I check the KW density of my page that isn't ranking yet, would I have to try and find my page if it's outside the top 100

  9. Ionut Focsa
    Ionut Focsa says:

    I was waiting for this since the beginning of the year. A lot of stuff that can be find only on this channel. Thank you for clarifying a lot of stuff for me.


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