Knowing Bros: Lee Su-geun and Seo Jang-hoon


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  1. heechul jjang
    heechul jjang says:

    I feel so bad for not uploading for over a month now. But I’m in a Degree College and there is just too many stuffs I have to do. I’ll try to upload more often. I’m sorry for not uploading for a month.
    This is a very short video but I hope you guys enjoy the video.
    Follow me or text me on Instagram if you guys wanna talk @mohsinyt 😀

  2. Sabastian Uchiha
    Sabastian Uchiha says:

    Sugeun started commenting about Jang hoon divorce when Heechul started it. you can clearly see sugeun shock and embarresed face when Heechul first said it loud to counter attack and after that divorce topic became wild

  3. St Fu
    St Fu says:

    Pls make more sugeun complications..and pls make a min kyung hoon laugh complication.his laugh is so cute.plssss.thanks for this video💖

  4. Erin Donnelly
    Erin Donnelly says:

    Soogeon is always teasing Janghoon about the divorce because Janghoon gives him a satisfying reaction 😂😂😂 Sangmin just ignores him but Janghoon fights back which is what Soogeon wants 😂😂😂


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