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  1. chris range
    chris range says:

    thanks for putting your time in this but "text thats humanly make sense" are not enough understandable and i wish you could give more text examples on this particular thing.

  2. Emmett Johnson
    Emmett Johnson says:

    Just lost job and am changing careers. Going to hammer on this with small local cos around and north of Austin. I need to understand how to utilize the skill you are teaching here (which I can do) with helping local businesses reach page one on local searches. Do i basically need to repeat this process for every company I work with? If it takes 100 of these pages each to work, I can do that – i just need to understand how long it takes and how to structure payment once it is done. Can I basically go to any small company and offer them a deal that if I get them to get more clicks on searches that I get a percentage/commission on all closed deals utilizing those clicks? How does THAT work? Got a link to a video on that? Thanks for giving back to the community!

  3. Yowhatsup
    Yowhatsup says:

    If it is a one page WEBSITE (not post), don't you still need to use htags that represent your business more directly, also how many h tags and keywords (this you only say 3 for posts but not anything about website seo numbers)? Say you sell apples, but sell apples is hard to beat in difficulty score, but you need to say it for your business homepage anyway as your h tag somewhere right (which one, h1 , h2 , h3, etc)? Also, you sent me a video that didn't answer my question. Do you use multiple different h1 tags on a one page website as well ( a one page website is one page. The keyword videos you sent didn't cover a homepage keyword optimization and what to put, only for posts)? Do you use duplicate h2,3,4,5,6,7 etc. tags? Please answer this in depth this time last time my questions weren't answered, but amazing content in these videos nonetheless Miles, congrats. Cool let me know!

  4. Yowhatsup
    Yowhatsup says:

    Sorry, you said you ignored looking at the competition for the keywords you used here "Learn Seo" etc. So you just didn't care that your difficulty level keyword was high and hard, as long as it had high search volume? Why didn;t you find the right keyword for this video then and just an example that had high competition? Also, do you choose keywords for your website's homepage the same way as you would for a post you make explained in your keyword vids? Should you still be looking for easy difficulty scores for keywords on your homepage keywords and what should you focus more on for your keywords for your homepage, difficulty score or your search volume, and you said in the other video you use 500-1000 words for the homepage, sprinkling in the keywords in places no more than one time at a time? Should you use only 3 keywords like this on your homepage as well, so if you use it in the title for instance "Learn SEO" on the homepage, don't put it anywhere else in your homepage content? Also, should you have different keywords on your other webpages different than the keywords on the homepage? So change the H1-H whatever for different pages on the wbesite? Thanks, Miles, if you answer this, you're the man of all men!

  5. TA
    TA says:

    I admire your persistence, Miles. Buuuut, this is the most depressing video ever. It works but 5 hours a day, 7 days a week, with your wife, you are relegated to sitting behind your computer writing articles and then checking tags, adding headers, etc etc. That is truly a life for you guys that are computer gurus. I want to be active and sell to local businesses. I need to generate leads to local businesses. My local area lead gen could use sales knowledge of other areas and I really want to learn some things other than writing all day. How about paying someone to do the writing on the other days – can you recommend people that have the knowledge of tags and headers, etc but can write the 2-3000 word articles during the week?

  6. Jimmy Chua
    Jimmy Chua says:

    Thank you Miles! 😀 90 days challenges work wonder!

    It can apply to many other things in life. We kept it a habit to do an instagram post / insta-story daily after that! And we get many ideas from others to add on to what we are doing, as a result of the 90 days…

  7. derek wright
    derek wright says:

    Miles, great training. Do you know if using the video blog post feature in Thrive Themes (pressive theme) would affect the <H1> tags? I use the video post because it looks great but I don't l know if it negatively impacting my SEO. The video is automatically placed in the heading. Can you advise?

  8. SufyanDeveloper
    SufyanDeveloper says:

    Hi, Miles Thanks for sharing this great stuff. I really like it and will watch more I just search on youtube to learn seo and got this and I stick with your video till the end. I am a Web Developer, Freelancer on upwork and WordPress Plugin Developer. I want to boost traffic on my website I will write more blog posts so I can generate leads ( client )

  9. Joe Dawson
    Joe Dawson says:

    Hey Miles, thanks for this. I already subscribed and just wondering if would there be instances that you could be giving away certificates. Like making this training as formal with certificate? Thanks.

  10. Adib Alami
    Adib Alami says:

    I have watched mutiple very long videos about this pillar page concept. You have explained it the most clear in the least amount of time! What is unclear that I am trying to figure out for certain is as follows. Step one: Make a "pillar page" for me that is a free commercial roof inspection In that Pillar post (which is a WEB PAGE not on my main website menu just in the background correct?), I go on to mention in the pillar page what to look for in an asphalt shingle roof (link to sub topic, which is a BLOG POST OR ANOTHER WEBPAGE??!) and then briefly tile roof with (link to subtopic, again webpage or blog post?!). MY QUESTION that I need to know for certain to get started is, are the subtopics webpages or blog post? I know they have to link.

    Second phase of the question: Lets say I figure out if the sub topics need to be webpages (not included in the main menu) or blog post, either way linking to the pillar page and pillar page to them. Now I have all that set up. Now I go to hoot suite to post the links to my sub topic blogs to all the social media outlets. These post are exerts of my subtopic heading in the title, with a link to that sub topic on my facebook for example. Again same question, am I linking back to a sub topic blog post and in that a link back to the pillar page???

    Do I just post on social media the pillar topic like I would post the sub topics on social media?

    If the subtopics are also webpages and not blog posts, I still link the webpage to the main pillar webpage but then what do I do? Make a short blog post linking to the sub topic webpage which then intern links to the pillar webpage? Then take that blog post and post that title link to facebook/ twitter ect. Trying to drive traffic from FB>blog post>subtopic>pillar topic?

    I may be over thinking it but its a lot of work (do it right the first time kind of thing) I am just confused on the technical route we are trying to drive traffic. from social post to webpage or blog post and are we suppose to link both pillar topic and sub topic on our social media outlets?

    third and final
    If I want to rank for commercial roof repairs plano tx. I would create that as the pillar title with links to many sub topics related to commercial roofing in Plano tx.
    I also want to rank for commercial roof repairs arlington Tx. Do I create a similar (not exact wording copy) pillar topic with similar sub topics just for Arlington?

    If you could please help me answer these 3 questions I would greatly appreciate the help. I am trying to avoid running circles in the drive way. Most of my competition is doing the old seo content so I am more confused than ever.



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