SEO Best Practices for Canonical URLS + the Rel=Canonical Tag - Whiteboard Friday


If you’ve ever had any questions about the canonical tag, well, have we got the Whiteboard Friday for you. In today’s episode, Rand defines what rel=canonical …


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    BEST FOR BUY says:

    Awesome, best piece of content i found regarding rel canonical. Actually i google "canonicalization tags for ecommerce" and moz came second ranked with a q&a content which i didnt find quite helping the response from this expert guy!!..Anyway thanks for the explanation masterpiece.. However sometimes for me would be better if i see the technical implementation as well si i learn from beginning to the end.. Thnx

  2. Kathy Pate
    Kathy Pate says:

    Thank You! This is a very clear and concise explanation of exactly what I was looking for on this topic! You are an excellent teacher. This is a technical however, you made it extremely easy to follow and I understood exactly how to use the information you provided to my benefit!!! Please keep putting out these instructional videos. So many others do not know how to be clear and concise and stay on topic. That wastes time and confuses the user. So very grateful for this, thank you!

  3. Ivan Mladenović
    Ivan Mladenović says:

    Great work, very well explained. Only one question I have. I have duplicate content in Newspaper theme by tagdiv, in filter :


    Is there any solutions for this, because don't understand how to canonicalized in this situation? Thx

  4. Sumia Akter
    Sumia Akter says:

    hey man nice content. i have 2 question for you. is puttering canonical tag is bad for child websites which have duplicate content. also is it a good idea to put duplicate content without putting canonical tag?

  5. Karin6509
    Karin6509 says:

    Great video, thanks! Just to be clear, each individual page with an individual topic on a website should have its own canonical tag, correct? Like one page on the best tea bags, and one on how to make tea would each have their own?

  6. Matze Karajanov
    Matze Karajanov says:

    hi you should try consolety, it is a WordPress plugin that matching your published content with other users in the consolety network based on title's, tags category and language. Meaning you get rellevant backlinks based on your content all done for you by the consolety network. simply by googling for consolety. Please let me know what you think of it

  7. harshith moolya
    harshith moolya says:

    I have one doubt, i have 2 similar pages with one url /jee-main and other one is /jee-main-2018. Content is totally different sentence is totally different, but means same. Now i want to rank both the pages in google. Now the problem is only 1 page is ranking in google for any keyword, either jee main or jee main 2018 or other keywords. The ranking url is /jee-main. The other url is no where in 200 search results. What should i do? What might be the problem.


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