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Introducing Wix SEO Wiz – now it’s easier than ever to get found online. Just answer a few questions about your website, follow your personalized plan and rank …


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  1. MxntalScars
    MxntalScars says:

    this is no longer free i suppose. now it asks me to finish all the steps if i wanted to connect my site to google and one of them includes upgrading to premium plan, is there any alternative or am i doing something wrong?…

  2. Ashok Yadav
    Ashok Yadav says:

    My personal experience wix is not good in web hosting. For example google adsense app , app will showing ads without connected to Adsense account… How this is possible.. if Adsense account not connected, from where wix app showing ads,. Lot of examples with me…

  3. Peru Ecocamp
    Peru Ecocamp says:

    A SEO company wants me to drop WIX and start over with WordPress, they send me a list of reasons and I need you to refute the popular negative statements in this list. would you give me an e-mail where to send these list and get answers? here my mail: peruecocamp@gmail.com

  4. Gras Albert
    Gras Albert says:

    Hello Wix i have a problem with my wix website. i have different tittle and description on my meta tags for all my pages but when i check my backlinks for all the pages it show just the one for my home page. i dont know if i explain my problem correctly but i need help with it ASAP pls.

  5. Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones says:

    Every time I try to do the checklist and click Wix ADI, it keeps showing as loading. It won't come up for anything!! I've tried restarting my computer and everything. Been having trouble with this for a while. What do I do? I made the site so I could start making money for college. It's something I've always wanted to be able to do too. I can't do that if no one can find me on google. And I worked so hard on it😭

  6. Richard Keefer
    Richard Keefer says:

    Now if you can add a printing shipping label feature, it would work great with ecommerce stores. One click to pay and print on all orders received! Thanks for the SEO Wiz, its great!


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