SEO Mistakes to Avoid | 3 Black Hat Techniques That WILL Get You Banned from Google


Today I’m going to share with you all of my war stories about getting banned by Google. ▻▻Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips: …


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  1. jumpman858
    jumpman858 says:

    Wow… your delivery on videos have improved a lot Neil… I remember when you started out with a ton of energy and almost yelling. Nice to see your progess, congrats!

  2. HVMA Social Media
    HVMA Social Media says:

    Wow, some very interesting points you made in this video. Google is such a huge facet of the social media sphere and getting banned could be a disaster for any aspiring social media patrons. Definitely good to be careful when constructing SEO!

  3. G Mail
    G Mail says:

    Wow!! You I haven;t heard that phrase in a long time. . . "longevity". Everyone needs to stop a moment and give this thought some consideration as it will make you a success with time.

  4. Je nsz
    Je nsz says:

    Why does Neil PAtel always talk in fragments and also he claims he bought themes for $10k when he had a hosting site. What he doesnt mention is where did he get that money to start with? Doesnt make any sense.

    MC DIRTYWORK says:

    If the there tube algorithms are what decides what gets first dibs in the recommended then I guess it doesn't make a difference hitting thumbs up on this video? Not being facetious that's a real question.

  6. Miftahul Khoir
    Miftahul Khoir says:

    Content is king, not reupload content, but fresh content or renewal content (upgrade old content)

    Thanks sifu you're very familiar in Indonesia, when you coming here? 😀

  7. Jason Stallworth
    Jason Stallworth says:

    Man I’m guilty of writing the same type of content, not on purpose, but just covering a different angle.

    In fact, one another site, I deleted some posts that were similar and just created on new super long post.

  8. Lee Knights
    Lee Knights says:

    Hey Neil , I recently purchased an expired domain with lots of banklinks and then set up a redirect from that domain to my lakstore uk website domain. Am I at risk of getting banned from google ?

  9. Fahad Khan
    Fahad Khan says:

    Hey Neil, I am using link building strategy by boosting a post in facebook ads? Is it okay to promote the article on Facebook and getting a social signal for the article? REGARDS!

  10. Destroy the Box with Brooks Conkle
    Destroy the Box with Brooks Conkle says:

    #3 Question: we have a local media company. In our blog section, we promote the top items happening in our area each week. So it's calendar based and comes out each week. Think it's ok to leave these older posts? Or what would be an appropriate strategy there?

  11. Chicago Website Service
    Chicago Website Service says:

    Thanks for the warning. What if you legitimately make a WordPress plugin, is it ok to have a link to your site from the wp store and should it be nofollow or can it be do follow? Also if you build websites for people, is it ok to have a powered by link in the footer as long as it’s nofollow? What if the website owner decides to make a link page and include one single do follow link saying something like if you like this site, we recommend you use xyzwebdesign? Thanks

  12. Everyday Ape
    Everyday Ape says:

    Hi Neil,
    I have a question – If I delete some of my old articles because they are not suitable for my site, is it bad practice to use a 301 redirect for the old URL to the homepage?
    Look forward to hearing your thoughts:-)

  13. I Want A 6 Pack Motivation
    I Want A 6 Pack Motivation says:

    Hi Neal, if one runs across an amazing expired domain but contains 2 or 3 spam considered casino backlinks, does the whole site lose it's value or it can that site being that its now in new hands be cleaned up to benefit for the backlink value and profile it does contain? thank you!

  14. Steve Mulholland
    Steve Mulholland says:

    I've got a site that provides a particular type of training in all 50 states. We have a page for each state. The content is mostly the same on each page, but the name of the state is different. The content is maybe 2 paragraphs. Will Google consider that duplicate content?

  15. 24SevenMarketing
    24SevenMarketing says:

    My client is building a 25,000 square foot showroom for home improvement contractors … plumber … electrician … tree service … solar energy … room additions … etc. There will be a total of 30 to 40 tenants plus a mega kitchen and bath showroom. I will build a website for the business with a page to promote each tenant. With the intent to get a top ranking in Google local listings for each service category.

    It will take about 9 months for the building to be ready. I want to start building out the website now using generic location-based names for the different tenants (Tampa Plumber … Tampa Painter … etc.) … I will have a unique local phone number for each business category … and a separate suite number. I want to get this built out and use the leads generated as leverage to get tenants signed up while we do the buildout.

    Will these work? Will Google slap us because we have only generic business names? (We can set up a marketing LLC for each generic business if that will help legitimize us with Google.) While the construction is going on I would like to use our construction office as the address since we can't receive mail at the building until the construction is done…will this be possible or will Google reject 40 businesses operating out of a small office?

    Any suggestions you can make will be VERY much appreciated. Once this prototype is operating my client plans to expand this concept nationwide with 500 or more locations eventually….so I am looking at a huge amount of work potentially.


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