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SEO – On Page Canonical Tag Watch More Videos at: Lecture By: Asif Hussain, Tutorials Point India …


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  1. swapnil mate
    swapnil mate says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and this video really really awsm and very simple to explain.. i hv one confusion can I mention canonical tag in every page of my website.. i put canoniCal tag in main url for opn my website in one way when we insert 4 different url as u explain in video… my confusion is can i insert canonical in my eveey pages of website..
    And one more question …if u explain avoiding duplicate content two pages contebt are same but url are different.. and both pages hv same content… so i put in page canonical link of seotool… or only insert that page link in canonical..
    Thanks plz reply i m waiting

  2. Maine Browns Fan
    Maine Browns Fan says:

    I searched for hours looking for an easy to understand explanation on using a canonical tag for duplicate URLs. Then, I finally came across this video. Problem solved. I just subscribed.

  3. harshith moolya
    harshith moolya says:

    I have one doubt, i have 2 similar pages with one url /jee-main and other one is /jee-main-2018. Content is totally different sentence is totally different, but means same. Now i want to rank both the pages in google. Now the problem is only 1 page is ranking in google for any keyword, either jee main or jee main 2018 or other keywords. The ranking url is /jee-main. The other url is no where in 200 search results. What should i do? What might be the problem.


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