10 Youtube SEO Tips To Rank Your Video #1 On Youtube


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  1. Ginfio
    Ginfio says:

    You are more clear! I love your talking! I watched other videos similar to yours, they didn't make sense until i came to your channel/video.

  2. Eva Bouw
    Eva Bouw says:

    I wanted to use tubebuddy, but the integration asked me to allow them to have control over my video's, such as tubebuddy having the right to delete them. That scared me, so I am not sure I want to use it. Thanks for all the tips though!

  3. Caujuan Mayo
    Caujuan Mayo says:

    Rank your "TITLE" it's the most important step. I actually teach it on my channel but what you wanna do is try and put titles (keywords) that you think people are gonna put into the youtube search, then add the same title keywords in your description as well. This and a few other factors gives you the BEST chance to rank on the first page of youtube =)


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