DIY SEO: 9 Powerful Techniques To Rank in Google


Today you’re going to see 9 of my all-time favorite DIY SEO techniques. The best part? None of these strategies require an SEO agency. So if you want to get …


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  1. Chantal Rochon
    Chantal Rochon says:

    Thank you! Brian Dean, for your valuable, simple to understand, information. I appreciate your contents, Presentation and your Voice. I am subscribing to your channel. Chantal from Québec, Canada. Do you speak French?

  2. Awanija Sharma
    Awanija Sharma says:

    Google considers exact match anchor texts spammy?? But why? Dint understand the logic behind! Please explain. Thank you. Great video by the way. I recently discovered your channel. Good content you provide. 👌👍

  3. first video
    first video says:

    Extraordinary Video Brian!

    Kindly clarify technique number 9. I didn't get that, because it is conflicting with technique number 5.

    In below comments, elizabeth mcdonalds, asked the same thing. Pls reply.

    G.A INTROMER says:

    Hey Brian I really loved it videos….ur knowledge is very amazing…and ur video are not click bait…u just suggest the genuine methods….Beside this I wanna ask u a question?.. the question is I have started my channel in 2018 and my channel is about gaming…I really make my videos understanding to the audience but then too I didn't get views…i have performed many ways..but I didn't help…so can u plz help me…watch my channel for once buddy by clicking my comment icon and plz tell am I going right????plz also tell me that how much videos I should upload in a week to create traffic..I will feel rescued If u will comment me with a nice suggestions…And it's also upto u to watch my channel…at last ur videos are amazing..subbed


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