Etsy SEO Tips for Newbies


S-E-Omg. What is Etsy SEO? How do I know what Keywords to use? How do I use SEO? ↓ OPEN FOR LINKS ↓ -Recommended SEO Sites I mentioned: …


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  1. Imaprincesso314
    Imaprincesso314 says:

    does changing your picture of your item hurt you? I have an item showing up on the 1st page 4th item and I dont like the picture and I would like to change it but im scared to mess it up

  2. wrecking crew
    wrecking crew says:

    The Keyword tool doesn't work for me, it doesn't display any results, just defaults to a page that tells me about the tool and the company that made it. I registered an account and logged in

  3. Shalynn Moser
    Shalynn Moser says:

    Does there always have to be a comma between a keyword for it to pick it up? I have a title “Bring home the bacon piggy bank”, bring home the bacon is a good one to use, but do I have to leave off the piggy bank part for it to pick it up?

  4. Matze Karajanov
    Matze Karajanov says:

    hey you should try consolety, it is a WordPress plugin that matching your content with other consolety users in the consolety network based on your titles, tags category and language. Meaning acquiring backlinks based on your published blog posts all done for you by the consolety network. simply by googling for consolety. please reply any feedback

  5. Cuppa Tea
    Cuppa Tea says:

    Can anyone help, I'm a complete newbie and this might sound silly but… is the above 500 and below 5000 just for 'US monthly' if you're selling mainly to buyers in the US and if so what UK monthly range should it be if the majority of my buyers are from the UK??

  6. Charlotte L
    Charlotte L says:

    Starla, this is perfect! Thank you so much! I just love all your videos and the work you put into them to help others. I saw Renae Christine's SEO webinar which was amazing, and this is the icing, oreo cookies, and sprinkles on the cake!

    I just launched on Jan 31st and I've been fighting my SEO for a few days. Some listings seem more difficult to get up to the 1st page than others, but this gave me several tools that I can't wait to try out immediately. Thank you again!!

    I still have a lot to work on and I want to retake some of my photos, but you had a huge part in my shop opening so here it is 😆


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