How to Hire an SEO Expert to Drive More Search Traffic to Your Website


Want hiring search engine rankings? Well before you hire an SEO, there are a few things you ought to know: First, you need to look for someone with a proven …


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  1. Jeff McGeary
    Jeff McGeary says:

    Neil, this could not come at a more timely moment for me as I am interviewing SEO companies! I had two conversations today and both went well but when I asked, "Hey, just curious, what are 4 or 5 things that stand out as wrong on my site that you might change?" Neither of them seemed to grasp what I was asking and both said they need to do a full, in-depth SEO analysis. I then lead them a bit and said, "Just take a look at the source code, anything stand out?" One had a suggestion of the H1 header and that was it; the other still did not know what I was asking. Both said they will send me an SEO analysis report. Red flag on both?


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