SEO 2018 The Top 7 Mistakes SEOs Make In 2018


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  1. fuckinmetal1982
    fuckinmetal1982 says:

    great vid, subbed. i first started SEO over a year ago and made all of the mistakes you mentioned in this video. it's no surprise i quit after a few months and no rankings. now, i've decided to try it again and been at it for 3+ months and am having much better results. Still need to hit page 1 of google but my rankings are increasing and i'm learning a ton. You just need to do it people. hopefully i'll have my first page 1 ranking soon!

  2. Ty Keller
    Ty Keller says:

    Business & SEO is messy. If you just get started everything will magically fall into place. It's scary, and I overthink this stuff all the time too, however, after this video I feel much more confident with SEO. Thank you!


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