SEO - Free Keyword Research in Urdu/Hindi - Keywords to Rank Website in Google at Top 3 Results FREE


Free SEO Lecture 1 : If you are building a website and you want to know that how you can rank your website at top 3 results in Google then this video is for you.


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  1. TheLegolandmalaysia
    TheLegolandmalaysia says:

    Nice video man. I am a senior consultant in this field and I liked your video. Just one advice and to simplify the procedure you can use a chrome/firefox extension called 'Keyword everywhere' and you will have same results without any hassle.

    The tool developed by a good friend fetched API from Google and it would be easy for beginners.

    For beginner it's a nice video otherwise there are many things need to be considered. Looking forward to other videos..


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