VIDEO SEO - How to Rank #1 in YouTube


A complete VIDEO SEO guide on HOW TO RANK #1 IN YOUTUBE IN 2017 // How to Rank YouTube videos using YouTube SEO, Video SEO, and YouTube …


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  1. The Ghost
    The Ghost says:

    First, Thank you for the help and inspirational video. I am just now starting a YouTube channel after years of contemplating.

    I fall under the Entertainment/Commentary Videos. I analyze viral videos, scary, funny, angry, ect. My series “The Ghost Affect” is debuting in about a week or two. So if you are interested, please come subscribe and hit the bell 🔔, so you are updated when the series drops. I have 18,000 followers on Tik Tok and have drop some of my pilot episodes there. I hope to see you soon! Thanks everyone -Ghost

  2. Keto with Sharon
    Keto with Sharon says:

    Hi Sunny. I am a new youtuber and I have a channel Keto with Sharon. I have transformed myself doing the keto diet and have lost 17 kgs in 6 months. I have videos on what is the keto diet and also amazing recipes that people can use for their Keto diet.. I am still struggling with only 110 subscribers till date.. will certainly follow your advice. Cheers

  3. Rymaru
    Rymaru says:

    I'm actually working on starting my channel right now. It's a writing channel, but for visual storytellers and it will focus on making stories that have meaning and impact.

  4. Kate Nolte
    Kate Nolte says:

    Love your great advice! I am launching my first video this Wednesday, May 1st! Travel tools to help you travel better. You have helped me so much, THANK YOU!!

  5. Lisha Amin
    Lisha Amin says:

    My niche is a combination of sexuality education and beauty.

    This includes makeup and skincare, but also discussing common questions and topics that were never covered in traditional sex education. I’m still in the stage of planning, but my channel should be launched next month (May 2019). I’m currently doing the work on instagram: @_lishaamin_

  6. JANCÉ
    JANCÉ says:

    My niche: college/university student life. Thank you for this! As a Gates Millenium Scholar recipient, Bill & Melinda Gates played a significant role in my life. I got to go to college for free basically. As take my viewers on my journey as a graduate student at Cornell University, I will be providing insights, tips on how to tackle personal, professional, and financial issues + opportunities; sharing stories to anyone interested in undergraduate+graduate school or simply personal growth. Come join the journey.

  7. Bettysmiles
    Bettysmiles says:

    I have a lifestyle as a mommy channel but adding my career advice on it as well. Currently struggling on figuring out where to focus or how to combine them.

  8. K. B.
    K. B. says:

    I am thinking about creating a YouTube channel for the startup urban homestead I am currently undertaking. I gain so much knowledge from your videos. Thanks!


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