4 Local SEO Marketing Strategies to Build Your Brick And Mortar Business


4 Local SEO marketing strategies to build your brick and mortar business. If your a local business and want more customers and foot traffic, but are tired of …


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  1. Daniele Zabrini
    Daniele Zabrini says:

    Hey Neil! Would you reccomend the paid version of Yoast SEO to add more than one keyword for each page? Would you reccomend using more than one keyword per page at all? Thanks!

  2. April San Miguel
    April San Miguel says:

    Neil – ❤️❤️❤️ your content! I have a GMB for my service based business (Notary public) – is there any other tools available for Insights other than that – can we link Google analytics and Console?

  3. Wadood
    Wadood says:

    Great tips, as always!

    What advice would you give about call tracking/tracking phone numbers when it comes to local SEO? Would you recommend it in order to track all phones calls from your local SEO efforts? If so, how do we reconcile having two numbers (original and tracking) when it comes to NAP? Should we only be using the tracking number on our website and keep our original number on all citations?

    Thanks 😊

  4. Jesse Ellert
    Jesse Ellert says:

    Should an online business try to rank for local seo? For example should a graphic designer in a small city use local seo. I noticed you used your house address with google my business, wouldn't doing that segregate your market causing clients only in Seattle wanting to work with you? Love the videos! keep up the content!

  5. Hello TRENDS
    Hello TRENDS says:

    Neil I need your suggestion
    I am starting affiliate marketing.
    1)should I create one page site to collect email to do email marketing by paying for Google ads
    2)create a review blog and post articals of products

  6. Harsh shah
    Harsh shah says:

    Hey, I have Questions about Your video posting time, You Garry vaynerchuck and Mo vlogs and some others post videos at the same second of the day, How this is possible


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