4 Ways to Build Links for Local Businesses to Boost Your SEO Ranking


If you want your local business to get more foot traffic, you have to build local links. Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO tips: …


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  1. Saad Ali Khan
    Saad Ali Khan says:

    But I have read and SEO Experts (Like You) also says that the reciprocal links are not good for your site and Google can penalize you if seeing this activity. But I can understand your meaning here to give the user access to their other relatable needs. So I am a bit confused here. Hope to see your reply #NeilSIR :)…

  2. Ankit Kuar
    Ankit Kuar says:

    Hi Neil
    I had just started learn digital marketing ..
    And I get lots of support from your video…
    Thank you..
    I am just requesting for a video
    How to do SEO audit…
    some live example video..
    #if you can give I'm very thankful to you.


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