How to Learn SEO: My Secret Method For Search Engine Optimization


Do you want to learn SEO? SEO isn’t hard to learn, it just takes practice. And today I’m going to teach you how to get more Google traffic using SEO. Subscribe …


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  1. YasseR YassiN
    YasseR YassiN says:

    Hi Neil
    I'm writing a blog about On-Page SEO and I would like to use the infographics you have on your website under this blog.
    I'm linking it fully to your website and mention that I got this from this particular post from your website.
    hope I'll get your approval on that and I'll share my blog with you as soon as I get it done, hope you can give me a bit of advice as I'm just starting my content making journey.

  2. April San Miguel
    April San Miguel says:

    Thank you so much for all of your videos they have been extremely helpful to me for my small business.

    My company is a service/local type of business I offer mobile notary public services. I currently have only GMB website.

    I would love your opinion on if I should get a website as well? I have purchased my business name domain through Go Daddy and I have that link to GMB. I

    ’m sure you must get asked a ton of questions and any advice you can provide I would greatly appreciate.

  3. TutorialLab
    TutorialLab says:

    Hello Neil, great informative video. I have a question.
    can you point out advance methods of SEO? because I read tons of comments here, and one person was talking about advance SEO, can you point out, what's in advance SEO?
    thank you 🙂

  4. Maneysh Sharma
    Maneysh Sharma says:

    Hello Neil

    I have just made a website for a kids water park in Dubai for my client, would request you for some real good tips to market the site and generate more traffic, please suggest appropriate ways.
    Thank you

  5. noman siddiqi
    noman siddiqi says:

    I just want to know when client come to in our Office and Request us for his website SEO . So How we deal them. Step by step Strategy to handle client and I will show him his website problems.


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