How To Rank Affiliate Websites With SEO In 2017 (Not Much Has Changed)


This video is an update on SEO asked to be done by a viewer. Not much has changed in the way of SEO for affiliate websites, we are still using black hat …


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  1. Brink PK
    Brink PK says:

    Hey Franklin great video and commentary as usual.Just wondering tho, in your earlier tutorials about link building you had a more complex system of buying weeblys and buying image sharing and video sharing links etc, and then in this video we just have to by 2-3 types of links? I’m just curious if nothing changes in 2017 why does the link building process change? Thanks Franklin 🙏

  2. Roar Bear
    Roar Bear says:

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  3. M Music
    M Music says:

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  4. Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee says:

    Gotta be honest, I get the value of all this believe me, but I don't have any idea about the nuts and bolts. Any recommendations on where to go to get more knowledge?

  5. Slice Tube
    Slice Tube says:

    Hey buddy, great video. just a quick question. What mixture of backlinks do you send to you web 2.0 s? e.g. 50/50 do follow and now follow. or 100% do follow? thanks in advance if you can spare a minute to answer. cheers.

  6. Jennifer O'Meara
    Jennifer O'Meara says:

    Thanks for so much great information. My store is in Shopify, and I'm just starting to blog content. Is it best for ranking to blog within Shopify or a separate blog domain using WordPress which links to store.


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