How To Rank Your Website On Google in 2019 using SEO [Part 1]


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  1. Ek Buyers
    Ek Buyers says:

    But how do I rank the new content 

    I mean if I make a post about some thing that is going to trend in the future
    How will I rank on those keywords so people see my post when it actually comes out?
    and won't more reputable sites beat me once their content comes out??

    and I need advice from you.
    My market is about selling electronics on my site.
    But before a new cellphone comes out, a lot of people already start making a video or blog posts about that next generation phone.
    What can I do to beat their results??

  2. Ek Buyers
    Ek Buyers says:

    Thankyou for the great content. – A QUESTION FOR YOU

    my site allows customers to trade in their electronics. 
    If I make a blog post about lets say the next galaxy phone

    Galaxy S9 
    If lets say I make a post saying
    Galaxy S9 – What to expect!

    Do you think I should just edit that post when it comes out or make a new post showing the features??

  3. Kombinatsiya
    Kombinatsiya says:

    I'm not sure I want advice from a SEO spammer who marketed low quality stuff like dating, gamling and what not. Also, if you got killed by Panda, it means that you have a receipt that your work was no good.

  4. AnneMarie Callan
    AnneMarie Callan says:

    Absolutely amazing information.

    Big thank you and I will share the video on my FB page.

    I've just spent too many hours writing articles for a new website but now I'm going to go back and change the content before I upload them.

    What I would love to know Eric is …
    can I change the content to the methods you suggest above
    i.e. update the old posts and change the Title on an old website.
    Would this have a negative impact on the site with Google – although I have to admit that it's not ranking very well for any of the keywords but it is a very old site with a lot of content.

    Thanks so much 🙂 (Now I am off to watch video #2)


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