Is your WordPress Website Ranking in Google? Fix it!


Presented by Kori Ashton – Here are some quick tips to see if your #WordPress website is being listed and ranked by #Google. Basics of …


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  1. SunshineLeclair
    SunshineLeclair says:

    thanks for sharing … my blog is not quite ready to publish yet, I want to wait till I get a good handful of posts on it etc … but I'm researching what may make more visible once I hit "publish"!! Donna

  2. ewdirect
    ewdirect says:

    Hello, you keep saying " you would love to help us"….. Well we have been trying to contact you, for nearly two months. As yet we have had no response!! We have left messages here, we have left messages on you website, we have filled out "contact forms" – but still nothing. Maybe you are just too busy, and have too much work. Its a shame coz, we really like what you do and think you could have helped us…..


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