Min Kyung Hoon & Seo Jang Hoon


Maybe the first instance where they realize that they are father and son was in their facebook live broadcasts. I was thinking of making a Buzz’s Min Kyunghoon …


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  1. Hyun Soo Kim
    Hyun Soo Kim says:

    Very good quality vids and subtitles
    The only problem is 일제강점기 isnt colonial japan. It represents the time japan came to Korea, raped, murdered and took thousands of people as slaves. Our food was stolen and they grazed our farms so we would starve to death.
    japan tries to hide this fact and the fact that the japaese killed more than Hitler did.

  2. chicy hakim
    chicy hakim says:

    I don't know why, but I think seo jang hoon is most happiest when he with KB members, specially with min kyung hoon, it's feel like they are real father-son. 😇.

  3. shakespear bhel
    shakespear bhel says:

    I really love the convept they made father and son,also janghoon really likes min kyung hoon,he even want him to be his son in law if she had a dauther.kyung hoon is a clean guy and well mannered,His parents raised him well.thats what makes me think why SJH loves ssamja.

  4. Guardian EXO
    Guardian EXO says:

    Wait, I'm confused. Why do they say they're father and son? Is it because they're just really close and have that sort of relationship??? When I first heard it on Knowing Bros, I was like "Huh?!" lmao

  5. norely vasquez
    norely vasquez says:

    deberian :v sacar a esa basura de Seo Jang-hoon que ni sabe tratar a sus menores .. es un IMBESIL
    .-. al parecer a el jamas le enseñaron a recibir lo que le dan y no es por este video que ni ganas me da de verlo porque el esta ahi .. malogrando la pantalla y toda la vista con su horrorosa cara


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