My Exact Local SEO Sites Ranking Process Leaked! (Now I A Screwed!) local seo expert


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  1. Matze Karajanov
    Matze Karajanov says:

    hi you should try consolety, it's a WordPress Plugin that matching your content with other users in the consolety network based on title's, tags category and language of the post. Meaning you get rellevant backlinks based on your content all done for you by the consolety plugin. you can just browse it withint your wordpress installation simply by googling for consolety. Please let me know what you think of it

  2. Tim Stokes
    Tim Stokes says:

    Chris, I keep hearing about using H1 tags, but is there evidence the keyword has to go into these as well as the title? Also Alt tags with keywords? Tested that it is still relevant and beneficial?
    Great info, thanks for this as I have a new site for my own business I'll use these for. 🙂

  3. MrGameGov
    MrGameGov says:

    You talked about google maps citations and to make sure to do 100-300. Are you talking about creating the google my business setup, just because i feel creating 100 new google maps locations for one client will be spammy and not good for seo, so can you elaborate more on this?

  4. Marcus Da Marcus
    Marcus Da Marcus says:

    That's it! My start is very similar to this.

    It would be very good if you mentioned some rough figures when it comes to the amount of each link type you use, of course, it all depend of the niche, but still.

    It would be nice if you make some more in depth video about local SEO tactics, something like maps/video embeds and all of that mambo jumbo.

  5. Yamil Francisco
    Yamil Francisco says:

    Wow! I am adding this video to the training I am planning for my VA. You are the bomb dot com…but I am still waiting to the “how to pick the best sunglasses” training.

  6. Clint Butler
    Clint Butler says:

    On page is the foundation for all of your SEO, if you get that right all the other stuff you recommended works much better. So I disagree with your assessment that it's the least important. I do like the rest of your process though, pretty simple to follow.


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