[Running Man] Ep.362_Park Seo Jun and Kang Ha Neul


Very special guests, Park Seo-Jun and Kang Ha-Neul visited “Running Man” members! Watch Runningman exclusively on KOCOWA! Watch on App: …


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    I don’t get why people complaining over somin she’s the only reason the show started being funny again lmao, people just jealous and agitated because she doesn’t hide anything on camera and gets to meet all these famous people like just stfu lol

  2. Nicholette Chua
    Nicholette Chua says:

    Honestly adding Somin to Running Man was a bad move. Unlike the original cast members who make fun but always includes others in their spotlight, Somin is always overreacting when there are popular guests on the show and drawing all the attention to herself. Jihyo has never overreacted THIS much on her entire time here, she was always cool-headed but everyone could still tell she was happy when there were popular guests on the show. Now that the producers only focus on Somin, they completely ignored Jihyo who has done so much for this show WAY before the new members joined. Honestly when Gary left, the show MIGHT have been salvaged? But adding the two new members and expecting the vibe to be the same is just putting Running Man on the chopping block.

    Nowadays Running Man can barely survive if they don't invite special guests on the show. Throwback to the old days when the original 7 could have SO MANY high-ranking episodes BY THEMSELVES, no guests needed to boost their viewership.

  3. Accel erator
    Accel erator says:

    All i remember is how rude sechan was on this episode to kwangsoo and the older members. Especially in the car kwangsoo looked really pissed. RM pls remove sechan. He is not contributing at all just annoying zzzzz

  4. aliah aliyah
    aliah aliyah says:

    I don't really like soomin actually she's always gets shy over male guests to catch their attention . Btw sorry if this offended any of you this is just my thought😊


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