Specifically How To Do Internal Linking Strategy For SEO Right - John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility


Learn Now https://ignitevisibility.com/internal-linking-structure-seo/ Internal linking strategy for SEO can really help your rankings! In this video, we cover. What is …


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  1. adam
    adam says:

    Very helpful video, it would be good if you could demonstrate it visually with an actual website especially around the html sitemaps as I have only heard of XML sitemaps before

  2. Alex Tejón
    Alex Tejón says:

    Dear university teacher, when you use nofollows to your own pages, your link won't pass credit, but it won't stay in your page either (It doesn't work to "keep the authority withing a single page"), you are just vaporizing the "credit", matt cutt's words, so nofollowing internal links is usually a pretty bad idea, even to a noindexed one


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