The 10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO - Whiteboard Friday

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  1. Raj Bista
    Raj Bista says:

    "if it's navigation or transaction, content marketing-types of pieces are not the right match for those types of queries." What sort of content is require for transaction type of queries.

  2. Aamina Suleman
    Aamina Suleman says:

    Hi! Nice tips and insights. What kind of content do you think influencers share? I mean is it something that is viral or is it something that is credible and useful but not necessarily viral?

  3. Carey Green - Podcast Fast Track
    Carey Green - Podcast Fast Track says:

    Great post Rand (Moz). I'm curious – where would audio content like podcasts fit into this? Am I to assume that since podcast show notes pages, etc. were not on your list of 11 types – these don't typically rank very well? If that's because the posts that include the players are not written well or optimized for search, I can understand that.


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