Understanding Keyword Research for SEO|SEO Keyword Research Basics|Digital Marketing course in Hindi


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  1. Karndeep Singh
    Karndeep Singh says:

    Brother, i need help in LEARNING digital marketing from scratch. I am a student studying here in Delhi and to prosper my daily life i want to earn enough money and side by side i can continue my study. So, i thought to go for Digital Marketing and Work in this field to gain skills and earn some needy amount. Please help and suggest me from where i should start and work in this field. if their is any chances please can we connect personally for just few minutes.. i would be very thankful if you help me. Please, i need a perfect guidance and i have been watching your videos since quite a long a time and i find it very useful. If possible please connect personally.


  2. Radhakrishna Kris
    Radhakrishna Kris says:

    Sir! I have a doubt. That is can I mix various types of keywords like "keyword1" +keyword2 +keyword3 or something like [keyword1] "keyword2" +keyword3 keyword4 ? Please clarify my doubt.

  3. Satya Cherry
    Satya Cherry says:

    Hello, aapki video top class hai lekin bas ek chota sa problem hai..

    Jo mujhe personally kabhi kabhi… problem deti hai.

    Aap jab comp pe kuch dikha rahe hotey ho to… wo jyada dur se camera record karta hai.. toh audience ko .. pata nahi chalta clearly..

    Toh agar.. aap thoda zoom kar ke agar dikhaoge.. comp screen ko.. to thoda better dikhega.. aur better understanding bhi hogi.. ki aap computer pe kya samjha rahe ho..

    I hope u will consider it and Keep making such videos.. its really very useful !.

  4. Amish Agarwal
    Amish Agarwal says:

    Can you please help in identifying the difference between free wordpress blog and its paid domain? There is no video availible. I have multiple free domains, I tried optimising it. But Google analytics does not work on it.

  5. Deepak Sahay
    Deepak Sahay says:

    My only question is that If I will go through with Goole ads there are lot of phrase and by choosing this phrases if I opt it into SEO keywords ,will it be beneficial ,means if in content only I choose all the phrase of google AdWords ,will it be worthy

  6. Paul Argueta
    Paul Argueta says:

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

  7. shardul pathak
    shardul pathak says:

    Sir i watch your videos regularly thanking you so much for giving so much information which is very much practical…. currently trying to apply google ad word keyword planner search but it is not showing as you showed it in video please guide… waiting for help ….. Mai kaise koi word se log kay search kar rahe hai ye jan sakunga ?

  8. Pardeep Kumar
    Pardeep Kumar says:

    Sir I a non-technical student I have done BA. However, I have basic knowledge of HTML like H tag meta tag etc. Should I do SEO or Not? Is a company required a technical degree?


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