3 Simple SEO Hacks To Harness FREE Traffic To Your Shopify Store


http://www.StartingFromZero.com In this video training, Fred Lam will share with you the 3 simple SEO hacks that you can quickly implement in your Shopify …


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  1. Shopify Expert
    Shopify Expert says:

    First of all infotmative video. I had tried a lot of methods but the best one is always pinterest. Just Build 10 different boards and start pinning daily in each Board . After two to three months you will get a lot of traffic plus organic sales.

  2. Denis Kanh
    Denis Kanh says:

    Can I put the same info in meta description for all my items? Is this bad in Google's eyes? The items are the same, difference is in appearance and product name.

  3. Yehoshua Racz
    Yehoshua Racz says:

    Hi I know well WordPress and SEO but I have now first client with shopfy
    So the question is: in Shopify you have plugin like “Yoast” ? Yoast big help in WordPress site for on page SEO, is there a plug-in on Shopify?

  4. David C Walters
    David C Walters says:

    I am testing out these suggestions. I have read your books and they have always offered great value that turned out to be true and have made my business grow. So I thank you sir

    ALI HASHMANI says:

    Fred you have been champ as always.. please advise what content or button we should show the buyer at checkout page urge them to go to Google and find discount code.


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