A Tale Of Casinos And SEO Juice (The Jimquisition)


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  1. Jim Sterling
    Jim Sterling says:

    Update: Cultured Vultures has since contacted me and admitted wrongdoing. They've not only amended the article, they've donated their fee to the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling.

    A good thing was done!

  2. Ben The Shrubber
    Ben The Shrubber says:

    i must have seen this video from it randomly playing next at least 10 times in the last couple of years, but i only just noticed (unless i forgot in the meantime) the casino zone song in the background.. very nice

  3. cheezemonkeyeater
    cheezemonkeyeater says:

    A while ago, I left a comment talking about my SEO knowledge from my job. I've got more to add now. I was considering linking to your video in an article I was writing for my job, since it was relevant to some trends I've been seeing in this field (scummy, scammy companies talking about SEO). I'm not, because the whole "poundin' it" thing is . . . really not appropriate for what I'm doing, but anyway, since I watched it again, I thought I'd mention that if you had agreed to this, there's actually a high chance that what they were asking you to do could have got your whole site de-indexed with some of the changes Google recently made to their search engine.
    So, there's that for you.

  4. Grim Dark End
    Grim Dark End says:

    A lot of these sort of schemes are set at getting smaller blogs or medium-large size blogs that don't really have followings outside of just being the standard crap out there sort of news-sites to get in on something they are already doing a lot of with other companies, and it becomes a big money maker for someone who can pump out 10 crap articles a day. Also, for the starving writer who is trying to break into the industry, and has very little income already, $100 starts to sound very inviting.

  5. demilung
    demilung says:

    Here's a bit of info for y'all: I know some people who work with SEO. Most of the times, is people from poorer counties who are not native English speakers, who take a pretty scummy job, trying to make ends meet in counties with seriously fucked up economies. Many understand that what they do is pretty bad, but "you gotta eat".
    And the names in the emails were probably fake aliases.

  6. William L. Mackenzie
    William L. Mackenzie says:

    Just so EVERYONE knows, i liked this video at the Owny (other kind of oger) porn. Jim never let social niceties destroy your integraty to entertain and get the message out you beautiful fuck!


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