Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO


Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO – which is the best for Deadbeat Affiliate sites? In this video, I reveal different tactics that both SEOs use, and how you can …


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  1. Kuzko Music Group
    Kuzko Music Group says:

    just curious,…. this is going to sound pretty mean…..but has anyone purchased a blackhat Fiverr gig for their competitors website to knock them off the first page? say you spam your competitor with 100,000 backlinks to take them down, is there any way they can determine who did this and retaliate?

  2. Tima Rawnap
    Tima Rawnap says:

    Bhaiyo yeah bahut chutiya banata h sikane se jaada apni marketing karta h iss aache apne India aur Pakistan ke online marketing sikane vale channels h. Take my words.

  3. Fabi D.
    Fabi D. says:

    Hi Deadbeat, great videos i got lots of good information! i have a question, i just got approved for RegalAsset affiliate program, i am trying to reach the GCC countries , i have websites with these written in two multiple languages, what is the best way to target them? My Second Question, how do i target Older demographics? i appreciate your help

  4. Beyza Doyduk
    Beyza Doyduk says:

    Hey Dan, thanks for the very nice and informative videos. I'll ask a different question… would you prepare a video on who you are, where you grew up, what you studied, are you a self-taught professional or did you gain the experience when you were working in a company? Something like "draw my life" video might increase you audience as well (in my opinion) because people like me are also interested in the "real" persons as well 🙂 just an idea… thanks again

  5. Brian G Johnson TV
    Brian G Johnson TV says:

    Two! Two keyword phrases for the price of one! Now how much would you pay? BUT WAIT!! That's right, view this video before midnight tonight and you'll show up in suggested too! Driving! EVEN! MOAR VIEWS!!!!

  6. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I get spam blog comments every day, occasionally you get a nice person commenting. In fact I had somebody tell me a post was really bad and they had to tell me that, they had a link in the comment though so you work it out. Pretty sure they wanted me to comment and get their link, which I would never do.

  7. TechSnix
    TechSnix says:

    Hey man! I was thinking of purchasing your course but before that I would like to know that what all will I learn and Can this also help my YouTube channel in anyway?

  8. Coach Solomon
    Coach Solomon says:

    You mentioned 3 methods of white hat that could be used for a WordPress blog post. Is one method suffice? Should I use all 3? How many times should I use 1 method per post? Awesome Video. Thanks for the value.

  9. Bharat K
    Bharat K says:

    I have seen those comments on my website. Those commenters usually have a shitty looking computer generated name and there is only little variations in names.

  10. Iamthat5511
    Iamthat5511 says:

    Love you videos. I've been viewing them for a while now and you are very informative. Straight and to the point. Keep up the great work Dan and hopefully in the near future, we will meet. God Bless.

  11. Cary Huff
    Cary Huff says:

    Hi Dan,
    Is it safe or seem natural to Google if you get a fiverr gig that says "I will do 95 manual do follow blog commenting" all for $5. Good, bad???/ Thanks.

  12. Cat Jax
    Cat Jax says:

    Funny how I saw this video today. I had done some more research, in particular various techniques some Affiliates use on their sites. Came across Blackhat, & after reading it, printed out a 2 page document about it & wrote at the top of the page "DO NOT USE THIS-NOT GOOD-PISSES PEOPLE OFF". See? I'm learning a little more each day. I love your videos. You seem just like an ordinary guy. That's why I trust you. See ya 2night at the webcast.

  13. Shobir Ali
    Shobir Ali says:

    White hat all the way!
    In addition to Youtube Videos and Mini Blogs what do you think of List.Ly to get ranked quicker?
    I've made a list and linked it to my affiliate site, still waiting for resutls though..
    Have you tried it? What do you think of it?

  14. Gymfidel
    Gymfidel says:

    Just joined the university yesterday! Gonna start everything tomorrow! -Also I came over from Brian G Johnson from when you super chatted him $100 hahaha

  15. Gymfidel
    Gymfidel says:

    Just joined the university yesterday! Gonna start everything tomorrow! -Also I came over from Brian G Johnson from when you super chatted him $100 hahaha


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