Etsy Tips. Etsy Rank Website. Easy help with SEO


Etsy Tips. Etsy Rank Website. Easy help with SEO This video give you a quick tour of the Etsy Rank Website. How to use EtsyRank to help you improve your …


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  1. Claire Jevron
    Claire Jevron says:

    I have searched for certain keywords such as the broad terms and found several listing from the same seller on the front page. There was over 120k items in that category, why would that be the case? I checked over a week and that sellers items remained on the front page, despite their sales being fairly average.

  2. Lisa in Canada
    Lisa in Canada says:

    This is amazing!!! Thank you so much 🙂 Sooo much great info in here! What I find interesting tho is that I have a card that shows up for high in a google search but they rate it as a D…sp I get a bit confused. I have tested this out over a few weeks and when I do a search for selflove card a few of mine pop up high in the search ( Hurrah!) I have a LOT to learn obvs but I will have to understand better why my grade is sl slow when the search result is great. Thanx again xo

  3. Anare Razedar
    Anare Razedar says:

    This is so relevant with any online shop, any online product. As you have said, you really have to figure out what works and having access to any kind of ranking or traffic or analysis of your shop is wonderful for giving you information to help improve your chances of being seen and selling items/products. Thanks.

  4. Nails by Sharon H
    Nails by Sharon H says:

    I’m at the part where you’re talking about the word “gift” and that it’s too broad. Is this something that you can change to, “gift for dog lover” or “gift for Great Dane fan” or something like that? I’m asking to make sure that I’m understanding the purpose of the tags and how they’re used. And, if those are good ideas, feel free to use them!!! 😊💜


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