My $0 - $10k/Mo In 3 Months (Tech) Affiliate SEO Case Study 2017


My latest affiliate SEO case study shows how I take a site from $0 – $10k/Month in just 3 months time. My Free 7 Day SEO Course:


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  1. PewDiePie vs T Series
    PewDiePie vs T Series says:

    The whole case study could be narrowed to two or three points:
    1. Buy an old domain with a strong link profile (links from Forbes, Wired, Guardian etc.)
    2. Create great content using skyscraper technique
    3. (optional) Build some PBN links on certain pages to boost the rankings

    Now teach us how to find those domains for <$500

  2. Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz says:

    Hey Charles, just discoveres you via AuthorityHacker podcast. Awesome podcast, well done!

    I've only started with affiliate marketing with Amazon … but I am so confident that there is much more money out there out side the Amazon program … just like you did here.

    I want to do something similar. I'm building the site now but one thing I haven't learned about is … how to approach companies that don't know about affiliate marketing and that they don't have an affiliate program in place?!

    How do you make sure you are getting paid? 🙂

    Thanks, and keep up the good work mate 👍

  3. Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson says:

    Hola Charles,

    Hope Cancun is treating you well.

    Loved this video and your Pengiun 4.0 presentation from Chiang Mai last year, and I’ve a question that covers both videos.

    In your Chiang Mai presentation from last year, you ranked a money page without ever linking to it (instead, you linked to sub-pages, and funneled those links up to your money page). After watching that video, I thought it sounded like a great strategy; you can be more aggressive with linkbuilding to those pages, attract links for different types of queries etc. All sounded great.

    But then, in this video (which covers a project you started just a few months after your Chiang Mai talk), you seem to have switched tactics. Am I correct?

    Was your Chiang Mai case study just that — a case study to show you *could* rank a money page without linking to it? Or is the site structure you discussed a bona fide strategy you would use in the future?

    (BTW, I wouldn’t *not* link to my money page if I followed your Chiang Mai approach — but I liked the approach you took to structuring your site.)

    TLDR, I’m starting a new project and wondering which approach to follow. Could you explain the differences?

    Many thanks hombre,

    IAN DEVO says:

    wow you are a freaking beast man most internet marketers for some reason think its hopeless to K.o keyword with challenging competition but you went right for the throne by putting the work requires.Great Job


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