Park Seo Joon Gains Attention For Deep Kiss Scenes  Skills, This Time With Kim Ji Won


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  1. Noemi Villagran
    Noemi Villagran says:

    I think that those scenes looked natural, unlike most Korean productions that make these seem way too rehearsed, awkward, stiff and dull. I mean, it's normal for a couple to kiss lightly or deeply and being near each other. Thumbs up for making the romance look believable without going overboard. The leading man is a talented actor and not just a pretty face.
    I may have this opinion because I'm Latin American and we're used to PDA. Not excessively though, the point is to be realistic.
    What I always find amusing is how fans actually believe that having great chemistry onscreen equals a relationship in real life LOL. That only means that they're doing their job to the best of their ability and period. Actors must have a high tolerance to hear that again and again. While it's true that in some cases relationships began in that way, it's definitely not a rule.

  2. Janice Calo
    Janice Calo says:

    Oh my God park seo joon youre so hot!!! The body ,the height, the face all over its a total package!!! Wowowowowow!! Im inlove with you.. Why youre so handsome?? 😩😩😩.. You are the best among the rest!! I will follow and support you woohhhhh!! Fighting!!!!

  3. Nam Balloon
    Nam Balloon says:

    Tbh I'm crying because Kim Ji Won is one of my favorite actress, and Park Seo Joon is one of my favorite actors hands down and their chemistry ughhh I love them so much they're the cutest ♥️♥️♥️😩😩

  4. CP Leong
    CP Leong says:

    I gave in to watch his other kisses in other drama. The witch romance was so crazy!!! He actually toned it down for JiWon. I think Kim Ji Won wins for overall package. They seem to enjoy acting together on and off screen. In behind the screen, they laugh together a lot. It looks like they are flirting and comfortable with each other. When Jiwon gave him talisman kiss to protect him from harm, her kiss on his lips made him smile so big from his heart and it looks so real that he loves it. It was just a peck. He looks so in love. It feels so real to see how happy he was. He has a beautiful smile there. Jiwon really makes him shine. The drama seems to be written for Seo Joon!

  5. Life tobelived
    Life tobelived says:

    The boy always had kissing skills. Check out his kissing scenes on YT from Witch's Romance with his older female costar. In the drama She Was Pretty they just held back on his kissing until the very end.

  6. Arisya Qamarina
    Arisya Qamarina says:

    well,he is good kisser..same goes with jiwo …act,before this drama started filming,I already had a thought that the combination between kim ji won and seo joon in drama will be good and it turn out they really did actingbtogether now!😍

  7. Sheryl Chi Hyung Sik
    Sheryl Chi Hyung Sik says:

    I love him starts when I watch his drama name HWARANG his name SunWoo.😍 Until I always follow his drama💕💕 I really admire him soooo much. His the best kisser of all my Oppahs 😘😘😂😂😂 Sarangheyeo Oppah ParkSeoJoon. 💕💕💕💕

  8. Hariatni Novitasari
    Hariatni Novitasari says:

    I couldn't count how many kisses they had. It feels very natural compared to most K-drama where the kisses are usually very fake.

    Dong-man is the master of poppo ❤️.

    Apart from the icy kissing, I love the story. I put on hold of watching ep 14 as I watched in some spoilers that DM got deaf after fighting with Tak-soo.

  9. CP Leong
    CP Leong says:

    I watched his other dramas and never notice him no matter how much he kisses them. I tried watching Witch Romance and I only see Uhm Jung Hwa. I know she is famous Korean Madonna after Kim Wan Sun. I watched She was Pretty and only notice Choi Siwon because of his popularity with Super Junior. I didn't know it was Seo Joon whole time. Never bothered to look it up. Seojun was entirely unknown to me until I got repeated teaser of his half naked body singing his voice out and also the lettuce wrap scene. I gave in to watch the first episode. Then I was hooked and fell in love with the couple. Kim Jiwon really makes Park Seojun shine. They made each other shine. Their kisses are icing to the cake. It was wonderful and heavenly. I enjoyed their aegyo battle and bickering. They have ups and downs. I love watching it. They acted their character so well and they are so compatible. I hope to see more of them together again. They really made each other shine. Their kisses are amazing. My heart couldn't stop fluttering. Finally I am Park Seo Joon number one fan!! Kim Ji won is fantastic actress but I can see she is holding back comparing to other actresses Park Seo Joon starred with. Lee Elijah is aggressive kisser. I almost faint because I didn't like it. It was surprising but the chemistry isn't there. But waiting for deep kiss for Kim jiwon, I could only hope they will kiss more or deeper. It was so heavenly to watch.


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