Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tutorial (2018 Guide)


Today we do a tutorial on how to use Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider and audit websites. If you’d like an SEO audit please head over to


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  1. Oliver Baise
    Oliver Baise says:

    Much like in this video all my H1-1 is the same (in my case it is the site title on wordpress). I have tried going into file manager on my cpanel and changing the _brand.php file but this has not fixed it. Does anyone have a fix for this. I am using a child theme from X theme

  2. Andreas Juchli
    Andreas Juchli says:

    Hey Chase, appreciate the video. Maybe you could add a "table of content" with times and titles of different features you are looking at, for those lazy people (me) around that only want to see parts of the video.

  3. Neceros
    Neceros says:

    I've been considering screaming frog. Do you also use Scrapebox? Where is your business? I need to find local experts and learn from them. I know a lot about SEO but I need to get a client to be able to use it.


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