Yoast SEO [2018] Setup & Installation, Step-by-Step - WordPress SEO Complete Walkthrough


Yoast SEO [2018] Setup & Installation, Step-by-Step – WordPress SEO Complete Walkthrough https://youtu.be/F0_NQg8p6q0 Download your exclusive 10-Point …


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  1. Deepak Saini
    Deepak Saini says:

    I have a website which uses WordPress. In Google Search Results, when you search for a post, the title of the link to the post is displayed as:

    Name-of-the-post – Site Title – Site name

    For example, the same is on the picture below:

    However, I want it to be

    Name-of-the-post | Site Title

    Initially, for Site title I used the address of the website and the result was:

    Name-of-the-post | Site address

    I also have Yoast Seo Plugin installed, but I do not find any settings there related to Google Search results.

    Is this something I can change, or is it up to Google to generate these titles?

  2. Anthony DeCrescenzo
    Anthony DeCrescenzo says:

    Bjorn, I watch most all of your videos because the content is consistently high quality, but this one was truly above and beyond. Excellent.

    But were you being held hostage when you recorded the intro/outro? 🙂

  3. Lorraine L
    Lorraine L says:

    someone hacked into the server that is hosting my website and changed my snippet description and there is something in japanese showing up. I tried to verify my site on google and the steps all work but they tell me they are unable to verify. Are you able to help me?

  4. Simon Scott
    Simon Scott says:

    Helle Thanks for this tutorial on Yoast SEO, am a newbie myself and i have learnt a couple of stuff. But i have a Question am managing a Event Venue website where couples could make enquries before booking there wedding venue i want my listing items to come up on Google when ever its search base on the Venue Name and the Location Name.if you have a Video you can refer me to it would be great Thank you

  5. Big Dude
    Big Dude says:

    Hi, great video. i have WordPress installed in a Seperate subdirectory. Should i install Yoast in it or will the Yoast installation in the main website work with the subdirectory?

  6. Dr Karen Hoving
    Dr Karen Hoving says:

    Using elementor-the questions they ask in the wizard are different. They are asking about showing MY TEMPLATE and MY LIBRARY -my gut is to say NO bc those are backend things, but my library holds my header/footer templates-I'll click NO But if I messed that up can you drop a line (AND explain how to find the wiz again!)

  7. HMS Designz
    HMS Designz says:

    Really impressive video! i have installed YOAST SEO easily as a beginner just because your comprehensive guideline!
    Well, i am just stucked here at (Google verification code:) because i already verified google console so how can i add code here and from where i can get?

    BTW i verified google console by adding html file. your help will be appreciated

  8. Wrighty
    Wrighty says:

    Another great video. There is just one thing I wonder if you could help me with please. I have a page that contains firstly a video then 400 words of text and then another video. Following your video I have managed to get all the red dots to green apart from one. This is what it says: "The focus keyword doesn't appear in the first paragraph of the copy. Make sure the topic is clear immediately". I have checked everything but I'm not sure what it means by the copy. Thanks for any help. Terry.

  9. Art Szabo
    Art Szabo says:

    Best SEO tut i've ever seen…how is this not at 100k views!? Nice job….subscribed and rang the bell. I loved the pop up on the screen thumbs up….very clever. Can't wait to see more!

  10. Jakub Opiełka
    Jakub Opiełka says:

    Its great video, but i have one small problem, i mean, when i search my blog through google, i can find it but the tittle and meta description arent changed, it's something like "problem with update" Maybe google needs more time to confirm this?

  11. Andy H. Tu
    Andy H. Tu says:

    One thing I'm not too clear about is Focus Keyword. Can that be more than one word? My focus is fitness photography, but do I wrote fitness photography blog for this page or just fitness?

  12. Andy H. Tu
    Andy H. Tu says:

    Amazing tutorial for SEO! I've been trying to find good SEO how to use Yoast for the last few weeks and couldn't find anything that would teach how to write good SEO until now. Thank you 🙂


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