How Create an SEO strategy 2017 - Whiteboard Friday

[ad_2] From understanding the big-picture search trends to making sure your SEO goals …


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  1. Abscissa Core
    Abscissa Core says:

    Fantastic results! Create excellent articles or Social Media Channels are the ideal method and strategy. Be sure that this will provide you a huge Domain and Page authority increase as well and increase your Google rankings! Great luck!

  2. Hawook | Real Homes. No Ads.
    Hawook | Real Homes. No Ads. says:

    Love the tash! and love the presentation. Always great. Especially like the idea to take the company goals or OKRs (dah!) and create and SEO plan based on those. Simple but often lost when we are just racking our skulls for content 🙂 Thanks Moz!

  3. MEN and Mountains.
    MEN and Mountains. says:

    Sorry to bother you on your channel for asking a question. But I have tried a lot of research on it and still cannot find the right answer. Here is my question-
    Suppose I have a real estate company corporate website. Now I want to have a website where I can list my properties so that people can look up them and research about them. So what option will be best suited for me- A subdomain, A subfolder or a new domain. If you could add an explanation for this. It would be great.

  4. Thereis Hope
    Thereis Hope says:

    Another incredible presentation by you Moz! And you will be a Movie star in a few days!!! Thanks for always taking time to clarify and drill down on complex patterns and details. Your Great!


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