How to Do SEO in a Competitive Industry When You Have No Money


They say it’s impossible to rank (SEO) for competitive terms on Google unless you have a big marketing budget. Subscribe here to learn more of my secret SEO …


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  1. SeifTalks
    SeifTalks says:

    Hello Neil,
    Thank you for your great content.
    I recently started having more than one business idea and I wanted to hear your opinion on whether or not you believe it is possible for a startup to create a new keyword (or make people use a very low competitive/non-monetized one) and drive more people into linking their product to it and searching it?

  2. Gaurav Singh
    Gaurav Singh says:

    Nice video.
    Sir i am so confused between moz site or moz extension.
    Which show correct DA, PA ?

    I am checking your site DA, PA
    Using Moz Open site Explorer – DA=76 and PA=80
    using Moz Extension – DA=73 and PA=61

  3. Bhuvi T
    Bhuvi T says:

    Hi Neil, am following recently, i have started my seo career 1 year before. I can understand what you are telling about in this video , but as fresher i need visual explanation, can you please do it in your upcoming video. And, i have one request can you please explain how google ranking the page, what is the algorithm or anything mathematics they are using for top 10 positions, am working on -page , off-page everything but my page ranking don't have any improvement please give an suggestions.

  4. Mastermind Status
    Mastermind Status says:

    Bro, All the things i know is Youtube Videos and messing with Youtube Algorithms,i succeed after losing my 5 youtube channels…
    I've knowledge on YTSEO,ADwords,Googletrends,Blogs…more than that i know nothing,
    What can i do or what should i do next to earn at least 1 rupee!

    I don't have any Idea on domains,websites,earning money and some many terms…

    I'm willing learn and to do something in online,But The problem is "I REALLY DON'T KNOW ABOUT WHAT I DON'T KNOW"
    [you talked about buying old domains and gave rebirth to that domains and earned money these all are completely new ideas to me]

    Tell me exactly what should i do "Introduce me some ways that are existing to earn" I don't want a deep reply just pls give the ways which i can search in internet!!Pls

  5. Iternal Coder
    Iternal Coder says:

    wow is it you! the Real Neil? am following you (on fb and your blog) since last 2 years (or maybe more)..just saw your video here in youtube (in suggestions as an ad)… I was surprised actually.. 🙂 … although awesome video… and thanks for being here.

  6. Hitesh Lalwani
    Hitesh Lalwani says:

    Thank you so much..!! It really helped. Could you do a video on how to do roundup posts and most importantly, how to persuade them if my blog receives very less traffic. Thanks again 🙂

  7. Sandra Helmsley
    Sandra Helmsley says:

    your knowledge is very much appreciated. is Yoast a good SEO plugin to have on my brand new wordpress blog to edit my title and meta description, keywords, etc? I have the free version right now

  8. AmenRadio #KeepOnBelieving
    AmenRadio #KeepOnBelieving says:

    i wish i could get some help with understanding a few things. I watch you videos a lot. They have helped improve my posting, writing and ranking. However, i have noticed some errors in my Search Console with the addition of a /feed/ extension e.g whereas the original link is i have been doing 301's but mehn this is too much, isnt there a way to fix this permanently?

    Also, i have seen a wp core or theme 404 linking to my page e.g, how do i fix this?

    I would not mind we sharing emails with you

    Thank you

  9. A Lo
    A Lo says:

    Hi Neil! Awesome stuff! Thanks for posting this info 🙂 QUESTION: other free tools for competitor analysis? SEO Book site says they don't allow more registrations. Cheers 😊


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