INSTANT RANKINGS! An SEO Secret You Must Know In 2019


What is the one thing you need to optimize for in 2019 for higher rankings? Discover the #1 secret in 2019 in this video Free SEO Training: …


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  1. Nimantha Dias
    Nimantha Dias says:

    Great content as usual but you make us little bit confusing. You are talking about some fiver links in other videos and how you rank your website. This theory is not new anyway. This was around. Let's say this is what you believe and then how about people with a smaller budget? Does Google care about only people with bigger pockets? I don't think so. If you can please reply (I know you are a busy person). Thank you.

  2. The Urban Driver
    The Urban Driver says:

    That is pretty crazy the way you broke this down. I didn't think of doing such a thing. I was starting to form an idea of trying to do something like The spiderweb you created but you basically broke everything down for me.

  3. Yehoshua Racz
    Yehoshua Racz says:

    Your video cool 😎 as usual! My question is if you can do advertising just with SEO and really free not to buy any links? And if I have to buy links how much I I have spent on it. for a small business owner?

  4. Ayad Khudhur
    Ayad Khudhur says:

    Hi Ruan, I am having troubles with my SEO training course and I need some help, I sent many email, facebook msgs but I did not have any reply, please let me know what is the best way to contact you guys

  5. punit bayad
    punit bayad says:

    Most people say that we should give pricing details on website. So for seo agency, we need to see clients current rankings and then we can say about the budget to rank them.
    Another option is that we give direct packages. Eg- you will get 10 blog posts, 5 backlinks 1 press release every month. In this we don't guarantee ranking but guarantee deliverable which is same as a freelance do.
    So what type of package should we be offering. Or should we just mention the price range of service

  6. Denlyn Blake
    Denlyn Blake says:

    Wow…Nuggets indeed! I have been looking for different ways to exposure for clients. One of them is getting them into major publications ads.

    So you're saying companies that are focused on Digital/Traditional Media Attention (Magazine ads, radio/podcast ads, billboards, truck-mobile billboards, transit ads, Press releases Monthly, publishing books, hosting their own tv and shows ) have a better chance of ranking better. Since they are forcing people to google the brand consistently. So businesses are into publicity that SEO will have dramatic results than a small budget mom and pop that only does SEO.


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