SEO Audit - How to Conduct a Thorough SEO Audit


SEO Audit – How to Conduct a Thorough SEO Audit video lesson highlights important search engine optimization analysis factors …


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  1. raza hamid
    raza hamid says:

    I Found this channel many years ago on you tube I am also SEO Expert I Found Two Very Important Thing on this Channel

    1 This Person is Subject Matter Expert (Not Content Writer) This is very important
    2 This Person Provide Information with Theory and Most important is Practically Share his Computer Scene
    But Unfortunately These Kind of Expert in Drop Down The Seo Space Because People have no awareness His Brand Like Rankya
    I Hope Your Company Increase and Hire other expert like Developer and you and your team build more seo tool and services i am very impressive when i first time to see your video Good Luck Sir

  2. Rakib Khan
    Rakib Khan says:

    Another exceptional video because the video was full of information and the way you explained is really appreciating, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    I gave the review on your facebook page can you pls share the template you used in this video?

  3. Nashwa Mostafa
    Nashwa Mostafa says:

    Oh my God, thank you RankYa finally I found the video that I search for.I've watched the first eleven minutes that's very educating but can you please clarify more about Directory Browsing?

  4. BgKingdomBizz
    BgKingdomBizz says:

    This video give me real insight how seo should be put in practice. I agree that you are a real expert. I am working on two of my personal sites, but i think that i have some work to do there. Onpage seo is really important, but i never looked at it this way. Everytime i watch your video's i realise that seo is more than the word alone. I use Gt metrics for these sites but i have things to do on these sites which is a challenge for me, since i dont wonna mess with the code's on these site's things like far future en css mapping, moving javascripts to the footer and all this stuff! Thanks for the lessons Tolga i give you all the credits!


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