SEO Content Writing Tips For High Google Rankings


SEO Content Writing Tips For High Google Rankings – Free SEO Content Writing Training, Free SEO Training, Free SEO Content Training, SEO Content Writing …


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  1. Ryan Kane
    Ryan Kane says:

    Wow…some of this stuff was staring me right in the face and I didn't know. This really cleared up a lot of confusing information. Thank you so much!

  2. brightpage1020
    brightpage1020 says:

    Love that this is so fast and to the point – you didn’t waste the first 10 minutes of video telling me about you, why you’re making it, or trying to get me to hit subscribe or buy your funnel. Thank you for respecting my time as A viewer. Hitting subscribe now. Cheers!

  3. Philip Mbakwe
    Philip Mbakwe says:

    Thanks for your writing tips, I find linkbuilding really difficult and Confusing, i'll definitely put this to practice, but I'm using a professional seo expert for my website now. Found him in one of those freelancing site, he's been amazing for me ( http://www.fiverr.come/Guestpost4 ) is his service page, you can check him out

  4. living in a cake
    living in a cake says:

    I just started learning about the world of freelance writing, and i keep stumbling upon this SEO thing.
    If I understood correctly, search engine optimization is a process of "polishing" your own website content, so that more people could find it. Am I right?
    It is obviously quite important for a freelance writer to have a web page, because that way people can read your writing samples, and see if they want your services in the first place. Is that it? Have I missed something?

  5. Ivan Kok
    Ivan Kok says:

    Very informative, but if you speak a bit slower it's all easier to understand. You know all the technical terms, but I'm trying to learn as I go along.

  6. Kinga Gorski
    Kinga Gorski says:

    HAHA the seagulls! "Mine!" I've quoted them too many times in my life.. I didn't know about the penalizing about over-optimization! Crazy. Awesome SEO tips Marley!


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