Seo-jun ♥ Bona, little couple's lovey dovey date! [The Return of Superman / 2017.05.28]


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  1. aisha saad
    aisha saad says:

    Hahaha ohmygod… Seojun ah.. Seems lime yesterday that i watched ur father raised u As a baby. And now ur becoming a little prince. Did u got pocket money from ur dad to date? I learn that parents should allow their kids to have friends but educating at the same time.

  2. Sophia Nicole
    Sophia Nicole says:

    3:45 this is the cutest thing ever you will never be able to tell me otherwise

    Nooooooooooo Seojun don't start talking about pokemon
    my kindergarden boyfriend made that mistake and I actually dumped him
    talk about stuff that Bona will like and find a common interest

  3. Nikhaela Juaton
    Nikhaela Juaton says:

    When Seo Jun told the ahjussi to make the the rabbit cotton candy larger considering Bona will have it make me want to marry a guy like him. Seriously, this kid knows how to date. 😆😆 I feel so single right now.


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