The Most Important WordPress Plugin EVER – Top WordPress Plugins for SEO

The Most Important WordPress Plugin EVER - Top WordPress Plugins for SEO


The top WordPress plugins for SEO share very similar features. But there’s one that I believe is the most important WordPress plugin ever created. If you’re not …


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  1. Welding Dame
    Welding Dame says:

    Ok, so I actually pay for WordPress. However, unless I have the business plan, which is 3x as much as I pay now, then I cannot add plugins. I am new to this and am not making any revenue off of my blog, so, it doesn't make sense to purchase a premium package for a plugin. Do you have any suggestions on overcoming this without upgrading?

  2. Alexandre Tunnermann
    Alexandre Tunnermann says:

    Hi Neil,

    In one of your videos you mentioned that having the date on your permalink could be bad for SEO as google can think of it as outdated. I thought it was a great piece of information!

    What about /%categogy%/ my category is a short tail keyword. Would it help having it there (as long as it is relevant. But otherwise if it is not, then it should not be in this category).


  3. Atul Pandey
    Atul Pandey says:

    Thank you neil great stuff. I always wait for your videos and blog posts. They are really helpful.
    Can you also make a video about basic seo tips and keyword research.

  4. Manny Costales
    Manny Costales says:

    You also said in the past that Squirrly SEO is the best SEO plugin for WordPress, so? I really love Squirrly and I use it every day in every project. Would be super helpful if you make a comparisson video 😉

  5. Javier Gazquez
    Javier Gazquez says:

    Hi Neil,I have learned a lot with your web in Spanish and now I will also do it with your channel.
    I still have difficulty understanding 100% English, but I want you to know that in order not to lose any of your videos I use YouTube subtitles :).I encourage your Spanish and Latino followers to do the same.A hug Crack

  6. mirmamun
    mirmamun says:

    thank you sir,very helpful tutorial.would you plesae tell me how to keywords research and competitors analyze and then how to choose the final keyword to implement in my website.

  7. Dianne Robbins
    Dianne Robbins says:

    Neil, thanks for keeping these videos in nice, small snippets. It's nice to know that I can turn to your channel if I want to refresh my memory on a "small" detail without having to go through a whole video, even if it's a video that's only 10 to 15 minutes. 🙂

  8. Mikey Moran
    Mikey Moran says:

    Great timing for this video! The SEO BOOK website is just what I needed to help with my competitive keyword research. Video quality is looking better as well, and the info compliments the AMP program training.


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